Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I’m closing out the month of March here at Grinder Trader.  Like I said in January I’ve set a modest goal of 200 pips per month, hoping to extend it where I can.  January was good, February was the lost month and I end March on the up swing.  I was really looking to just recover a bit from February.  Sort of make a dent in the loss to prove that I can trade and come back from a slam.  Practice can make perfect, or at least right the ship.  March was one of my best trading months thus far in my three-year odyssey as I stretched the goal out to 588 pips.  That beats the February bite of (245) pips.

I’ve joined one of the first Forex social networking sites – Currensee.  You should take a look at http://www.currensee.com/ for more info.  I am quite impressed by the fact that they ask that you put your trades out there (real money only) for all to see.  You can hide but then what is the point.  It’s a virtual accountability method that is sure to help any trader.  I’m looking to put together my own team of traders who are looking to grind out the profits.  Join us.

For now check out the monthly sweep.   With the non-Farm Payroll (NFP) coming up, I’m off to Spain for the Easter Break.

phill dlh sweeper


  1. Nice, i'm enjoying Currensee too.

  2. Thanks. You are my first ever comment. I've you to my blog list, should done so long ago!

  3. What do you think of Curensee? I was on it for awhile, but it wasn't doing it for me, so I stopped.